Shauna Wetenkamp is a certified Holistic Life Coach and Emotional Facilitator. As a davidji Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher, RYT 200 yoga instructor, and Blue Diamond ranked product consultant for dōTERRA International, her expertise revolves around guidance to the present moment through yoga and essential oil therapy.

Shauna facilitates fully immersive transformation through her meditation and yoga instruction, essential oil therapy, chakra balancing, and personal and business counseling. Shauna has a passion for both learning and teaching natural remedies to activate inner connection, inspire personal power, and support healing. She has taught numerous classes, workshops, and seminars throughout the world with a vision to help others become the best version of their emotional, physical, and spiritual selves. 

A Journey of Healing

At a young age, I was nicknamed Pocahontas. I come from an American Indian background - and yes I find out years later that I happen to be related to Pocahontas herself. I have a deep love for the earth, nature and their inhabitants. 

I had been teaching, speaking and coaching for years when my world shifted radically. A divorce after 20 years of marriage and leaving a life-long religious practice catapulted me into navigating life in a whole new way. I have always known my gifts and have built upon them through the years, but nothing had quite prepared me for the next chapter of my work like the event that occurred on August 13, 2016. I was run over by a drunk driver. The front and back tires of a Ford F150 rolled over my body.

A concussion, sprained finger, fractured spine, multiple fractures in pelvis, large hematoma on right upper leg…the list of physical injuries goes on. I couldn’t walk nor move the right side of my body. However, one thing I will tell you is that the pain of being trampled by the weight of a 4000lb truck is nothing in comparison to the emotional, psychological, and spiritual recovery I endured in the months following.

Not only is it a miracle I didn't die when I was ran over but I surpassed all the doctors predictions. I healed myself through the power of essential oils, meditation, and positive thinking. I walked unassisted 3.5 months later and ran a 5k  one year later. My body continues to heal and experience pain but its a gift to me as it reminds me that I am alive.

I continue to live in awe and gratitude of the miracles I’ve witnessed take place through the healing modalities I now utilize for others. I share not because my story is a weight I carry nor is it something I use to define me or hold me back. I share because I have a responsibility to. My purpose is to help others navigate on their journey of healing and empower them with hope to make it through each day.

My mission is to teach others how to reach their power within, ignite their intuition, and launch their healing in ways they never imagined possible -  to support others in freeing themselves from their burdens and embracing their truth to create lives of peace, vibrance, and purpose.

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