The Mission of Soulful Delights

My goal is to help individuals understand how to cultivate a deep LOVE for themselves, 

others, and the world around them. Help them IGNITE that power they hold and identify the gifts and abilities that reside within. Guide them toward HEALing themselves and then the world on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. 

Let's come together and raise our vibration so we can elevate others around us 

and the beautiful world that we live in.

We Meet You Where You Are



Services Designed to Uniquely Meet the Needs of Your Body, Mind, & Spirit



The Story of Shauna Wetenkamp and the Birth of Soulful Delights



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Essential Oils, Meditation & Mind

Shauna talks with Rebecca Hintze on her podcast about meditation, emotions, and oils she likes to us

These days, people around the world turn to meditation for relaxation and stress management. It's a solution that often brings profound and long-lasting results. Shauna Wetenkamp guest stars to talk about meditation and mental health! 

Entrepreneurship & Motherhood


Shauna Wetenkamp talks about her last eight years in Entrepreneur and Motherhood, and dives into her passion for Meditation, doTERRA Essential Oils, and Mental Health Awareness.

Oils to Enhance Fertility, Pregnancy, & Birth


Shauna Wetenkamp joins the show to share her immense knowledge on how essential oils can enhance our life and our fertility, and how to choose them intuitively.

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